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How To: ePublish Through B&N PubIt!

  Barnes & Noble’s PubIt! self-publishing system is extremely simple to use. You can, quite literally, have your book published in their system in minutes. For free. Just we showed with our How To: ePublish Through Kindle Direct article, the modern self-publishing portals are no more complicated than setting up a Gmail account. There are […]

WorkFlowy: One List to Rule Them All

I like Workflowy. A lot. I found this little gem of a program when I was searching for a simple outlining tool. I started out by looking for an app for my iPhone, but couldn’t find anything I liked. As I tunneled down further into Google’s search results, I found WorkFlowy and started playing around […]

The B&N Best Seller List Controversy

There’s been a recent little dust-up about the best seller list on B&N, especially their Nook best sellers. The accusation that’s floating around is that B&N is deliberately manipulating the data to artificially rank the more expensive main stream publisher books on the list, forcing out the cheaper Indies. I feel pretty confident when I […]