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Systems: K’Hor

                        Learn More News Feed K’Hor System K’Hor is the 3rd planet in orbit around their system’s star. It supports carbon based life at 0.98 standard g. The planet has a stable weather pattern, is largely temperate with a small equatorial band. The K’Horians […]

Character Bio: ADM Uric Kardon

Name:  Uric Kardon Position:  Vice Admiral, Commanding, Detarran War Band Chutosh Home Planet:  Detarra Since childhood, Uric Kardon dreamed of sailing the stars, conquering worlds for the glory of the Detarran Empire.  Detarra had perfected the use of hyperdrive technology, developed viable shield capability, and had just started its push into other galaxies.  As a […]

Artist Profile: Roland Brown on “The Guard”

Name: Roland Brown Occupation: Industrial Designer Skill/Contribution: Artist Location: New York, NY, USA Website: Roland Brown is an industrial designer and illustrator based in New York City. He has been working in the design field for 20 years, and also works part time as a pole dancing instructor. Roland has been drawing underground comics […]

Character Bio: Tel R’Gande

  Name:  Tel R’Gande Position:  “Warrior” of Sector 74 Home Planet:  K’Hor As a young military officer of the United K’Horian Army, Tel quickly became bored with the routine of an Army at peace.  The people of K’Hor had been unified for 150 cycles, and the last of  the dissidents had long since given over […]