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Changing How Readers and Writers Connect

Took some time to look at my own blog last night and realized I hadn’t made a post in a couple of months. Between new house, new job, swimming, writing, helping RunWiki, and my own little project, my poor blog has been neglected. Let me show you what I’ve been up to. To lay a […]

Clean Code is Organized Code!

A lot of people never look under the hood of their website’s code. It’s just something most people either a) never bothered to learn or b) don’t really want to fool with. However, in the world of budget woes and the proliferation of easy platforms like WordPress, more and more people are adopting a “do-it-myself” […]

Forget the Ultrabook — Stick With Your Phone

Apple unveiled the MacBook Air back in January of 2008. It only took PC makers 4 years to catch up. Unfortunately, the entire concept is already obsolete. The Laptop is soon to go the way of the desktop, regardless of who makes it. And the new iteration of the computer is one you most likely […]

Why SOPA and PIPA are Evil

On Jan 18th a couple of extremely prominent websites went “dark” to protest two bills currently winding their way through the Congress, SOPA and PIPA. Many are wondering exactly what SOPA and PIPA are and why they are so terrible. Here’s the breakdown in non-geek speak: What are They? SOPA stands for “Stop Online Piracy […]

How to Really Pick A Computer Under $500

Oh, Kim, Kim, Kim… Twice in One Week? That’s right, readers, in a recent article in USA Today, “America’s Digital Goddess” totally phones it in… again! For all of those looking to buy a laptop on the cheap, here’s what you should be looking for: Computer Criteria 1. Windows 7. Look, I hate to break […]

Forget Kim Komando, Here’s How You Self Publish in 2012!

OK, I’m going to come clean here — I don’t like Kim Komando and I think her “advice” is truly, truly terrible. When she first started, she was pretty revolutionary and helped a lot of people. Nowadays, though, she is totally phoning it in. So, whenever I read a poor Kim posting, I’m going to […]