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Character Bio: Margaret Sterling

Name: Margaret Jessica Sterling (“Maga”) Ht: 5’6” Wt: 120 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Age: 37 Build: Athletic model Ethnicity: Caucasian Marital Status: Married Margaret Jessica Sterling (nee’ Carter), was born and raised in Carpinteria, CA, a small beach town just south of Santa Barbara. She spent her youth at the beach and working in […]

Character Bio: Major Michael Sterling

Name: Major Michael Thomas Sterling (“Mikey”). HT: 6’2” WT: 215 lbs Eyes: Green Hair: Dark Brown Age: 38 Build: Athletic Ethnicity: Caucasian Former Rank: Major (Army) Marital Status: Married Michael T. Sterling was born in Annapolis, MD. His father was a Naval Officer serving as an instructor for engineering systems at the Naval Academy. Being […]