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WorkFlowy: One List to Rule Them All

I like Workflowy. A lot. I found this little gem of a program when I was searching for a simple outlining tool. I started out by looking for an app for my iPhone, but couldn’t find anything I liked. As I tunneled down further into Google’s search results, I found WorkFlowy and started playing around […]

Movie Review: TRON Legacy

Saw TRON: Legacy this past weekend. I liked it and I recommend seeing it in the theatre vice the old flat screen at home. Critics and fans alike are all over the web about TRON, some love it, some hate it, some just liked it. Its been called “awesome”, “thrilling”, “slick”, “stunning” as well as […]

Book Review: Ocean by Ellis and Sprouse

Big Budget sci-fi movie as a comic book? Damn Skippy! Warren Ellis and Chris Sprouse pull off a masterpiece in their epic “Ocean” and that’s why it’s this week’s pick! Ocean Written by Warren Ellis, Art by Chris Sprouse A “hundred years from today” a research facility in orbit around Europa discovers thousands of coffins […]