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Music Monday: Always Where I Need to Be by The Kooks

With the Olympics in London, it’s got me thinking of British rock bands, so this week’s Music Monday is brought to you by The Kooks! The Kooks were formed in 2004, and their flavor of rock is definitely a return to the Brit Invasion years with a touch of punk thrown in for good measure. […]

Monday Music: Sing by My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance was formed a week after the September 11th attack when Gerard Way, a writer and Cartoon Network intern, decided he wanted to do more with his life. He formed a band with some friends, took the name from an Irvine Welsh novel, and the rest is history. The band did well, but […]

Music Monday: Apartment by Young the Giant

Heard this song on XM Radio and downloaded it right away. Great tune by a great band. Young the Giant is another great band out of California — Irvine, to be specific. They started out as a band called “The Jakes”, but in 2009 changed their name and put aside school to focus on music. […]

Music Monday: Nothing but Flowers

David Byrne asked a simple question nearly two decades ago: “Can a song about environmental issues be awesome?” His answer was the magnificent “Nothing but Flowers.” Recorded in 1988 for the final Talking Heads album Naked, the song explores the human perspective in a post-apocalyptic world without technology. Like I said, a cool song with […]

Monday Music: Sleeping to Dream

My wife, Lisa, is off for the weekend to Boulder, CO with her friend Allison to run the Bolder Boulder. Usually, I’m on site to provide support, but this time I’m at home providing support by watching the kids. Still, we’re separated for a few days and that always makes me think of this song […]

Music Monday: New Years Day Live

A buddy of mine commented on Facebook recently that depsite being of age in the ’80’s, he never really liked U2 all that much. I could empathize. I remember liking Joshua Tree, and some of the older (classic) WAR songs, but didn’t really care for them much more after that. All bands evolve over time, […]

Music Monday: Boy in the Bubble

I am continually amazed at how prophetic Paul Simon was when he wrote this song way back in 1986. I don’t know what he was tapping into, but this song predicts nearly everything from the internet to IED’s. It’s pretty crazy — and, it’s got an awesome sound to boot. So here’s to Paul Simon […]

Music Monday: How Can I Apply?

The Trashcan Sinatras are a magnificent band from Scotland that started in the 90’s. I first heard them back in college and have been following them ever since. Here’s a live performance of one of their lesser known songs, “How Can I Apply.” If you like it, find them on iTunes and buy some of […]