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The final meeting between Obi Wan and Maul is a samurai moment all should aspire to.

Samurai Moment Of The Week


Let’s Talk About Gun Control

After San Bernardino, many are talking about our gun laws. And they should be. We had a major incident, and whenever that happens — be it guns or otherwise — we should be looking at our policy and seeing if it’s still effective. For the record, I don’t believe in “gun control” per se. This […]

When the Baggage Drops

Strange how life gets stressful around the holidays. A time when we should be coming together and supporting one another, instead we feel more stressed. Sometimes, life starts to stop being fun and starts becoming overwhelming. But, we don’t have to face it alone.

The Five Best Sword Fights in Fiction

I love sword fighting. Seriously — doesn’t matter if it’s steel, lightsabers, or plasteel. As a lifelong fencer, former soldier, and connoisseur of literary combat, here are my my top five sword fights in recent fiction.

The Hard Facts About eBook Pricing

As the head of the publishing venture Apocalypse Weird, and the founder of the author support service ThirdScribe, I pay A LOT of attention to the production cost and sales pricing of books. I would hazard to say that at this point there are very few people on the planet more familiar with the costs of book production than me. Here are my thoughts on how and why they are priced as they are, how to promote them, and how readers can get them for cheap.