“Minds” is now a hot mess.

OK, I’m going to throw something down here for a second.

I joined “Minds” a little while ago at the request of a friend who wants to try it as a FB alternative. When I first joined, it was nice. Quiet, but nice. I only followed my friend and it was good. I would have considered getting more people on it, just to see what it would be like to be on a quiet little network.

I haven’t been there a while, but logged in today. And, the quiet is no longer. Now it is simply overflowing with “boosted” content. Everything on the pic with this post is “boosted”. My friend’s posts are way down to the bottom, buried under all of the crap. There are buttons now that let me “opt out” of boosts by becoming a premium member.

And, it is now an absolute hotbed of “right wing” activity – at least as much as I can see. It’s as if the fringe from Gab decided they needed to expand into new territory. Complete with an “InfoWars” group, which is one of the most followed groups – if not THE most followed.

Services like Minds are, to me, the epitome of what is wrong with social media today. That anyone can buy the right to bombard members any way, and with any thing, they want is ridiculous. We cry out against Facebook – and rightfully so in many ways – but at least you can still use and enjoy Facebook, ads and all. Minds has gone overboard.

I didn’t use Minds much before, and I don’t think I’ll ever be returning.

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