Book Review: Fight The Rooster

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A recent, and surprising, read this week came from author Nick Cole (@nickcole) in the form of Fight The Rooster.

Nick is best known for post-apocalyptic adventures and cyber-noir thrillers. Fight the Rooster is neither of those. It is, instead, a story about Hollywood, and one man’s attempt to come to terms with it.

I didn’t think I would like this book, as contemporary social satire isn’t usually my thing. But, this book really won me over and ended up being one of the best books I’ve read this year.

My review is below:

I finished this book today during my lunch break, after having read it feverishly into the wee hours the last few nights. I am unexpectedly sad that it’s over. This book was, against my expectations, absolutely wonderful.Just for posterity, I am a big fan of Nick Cole’s ( @nickcole ) writing. His insights and page-turner style are very appealing to my tastes as a reader and I have thoroughly enjoyed every one of his books that I’ve read. But, I had a hard time getting started with this book.This is not a usual “Nick Cole” book. No robots, no gamers, no dystopian madness, no zombies. Heck, for a good 25% of the book, I don’t think any of the characters even had proper names! Instead, it was about a whole different kind of desperate madness: Hollywood.10% in I was going to lay it down, but other reviews were coming in about how great it was, and, like I said, I’m a big Nick Cole fan, so I was willing to keep pushing through.I’m very glad I did.…[Read more]– Rob McClellan (@robmc) July 23, 2016

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