Book Review: Sidekick

Read a great book recently by Christopher Valin (@cvalin) called Sidekick and I liked it so much I wrote a review for it over on it’s book page in ThirdScribe, which you can read below:

I saw this book over at @Leighgendarium and decided to give it a try. I knew nothing of @cvalin before that, but have since learned he is a fellow comics enthusiast, which certainly shows in the book.The Red Raptor Files follows the adventures of “The Red Kite” who is the sidekick to “The Black Harrier” — both of which are taken from Robin and Batman, pretty much in every detail. There are other heroes and villains as well, all with a Gothamite doppleganger. Because of these similarities, one could almost say this is a Batman fanfic piece – and it may be. But, it’s also a VERY good one.The book is a page turner — I finished it all in one sitting, unable to put it down. The style was light and engaging, and the plot moved at a rapid pace. Almost movie-like. If you’re familiar with comics, you’re going to love this book.Whenever I read books like this (and I don’t read many), I always think of the novelizations of popular DC storylines that I see in…[Read more]– Rob McClellan (@robmc) May 31, 2016

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