Systems: K’Hor


K’Hor System

K’Hor is the 3rd planet in orbit around their system’s star. It supports carbon based life at 0.98 standard g. The planet has a stable weather pattern, is largely temperate with a small equatorial band.

The K’Horians evolved from feline stock, and over millions of years developed a bipedal stance and elongated fingers. They are still covered in a light fur of varying colors and retain vestigial claws on their fingers and toes.

K’Horians have long been intensely tribal, each fighting the others for regional dominance. Eventually, their technology allowed their power to reach beyond simply region to region and the planet entered a global conflict. The two most powerful tribes, the D’Ar and the C’ron, fought for 150 years before finally being unified in a political truce, solidified by marriage. That political marriage has yielded a 100 year peace and a powerful monarchy that still reigns.

The K’Hor have an advanced civilization, but have not yet developed hyperdrive or shield technology. They have, however, mastered many other quantum effects, including cold fusion and broadcast power.

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