Monthly Archives: June 2012

Review: Sportcount LapCounter

Bottom Line The Sportcount LapCounter solves the problem of tracking the number of laps you swim in a simple, elegant, and unobtrustive manner. Definitely worth the buy for pool-bound long distance swimmers. Available on Amazon HERE. Review I am a former short distance swimmer transitioning to long distance swimming. I competed all through my youth […]

Music Monday: Nothing but Flowers

David Byrne asked a simple question nearly two decades ago: “Can a song about environmental issues be awesome?” His answer was the magnificent “Nothing but Flowers.” Recorded in 1988 for the final Talking Heads album Naked, the song explores the human perspective in a post-apocalyptic world without technology. Like I said, a cool song with […]

Thoughts on Green Lantern’s “Coming Out”

Green Lantern is gay. Not Hal Jordan, the popular Green Lantern that you see on the small and big screen, but Alan Scott, the lesser known Original Green Lantern. Obviously, the media, and the fans, have said a few things on the subject. Here’s an article from USA Today, and here’s more from comic news […]

LST 1194, Part 1: The Call

September 17, 2000. “Can you fetch me the wee hammer, laddie?” called the Scotsman. If you can imagine Popeye with graying red hair, a bad attitude, and a penchant for swearing in English so accented it was barely recognizable than you’ve got a pretty good idea what the Scotsman was like. He also happened to […]