Fight Workplace Boredom!

Because you don’t want this happening in your office!

And, for God’s sake, if you’re in management and dealing with a bored worker, don’t fall into that crap about “showing the person their part in the bigger picture.” Workplace boredom has nothing to do with the bigger picture — it’s all about having nothing worthwhile to do at the individual level! People need challenges, they need creativity, they need autonomy, and they need purpose. Find ways to give them those things — and, if you can’t, find a way to get them. Even if it’s in a different department.

For those who are bored, it’s not all your boss’ or your company’s fault. Don’t just sit there and surf Facebook util your shift ends. Take some stock in your life, a deep look in the mirror, and decide to etiher get in the game or find another game to play. There’s plenty of work to do and your talents are needed somewhere by someone. Don’t like where you are now? Figure out a plan to get where you want to be and start focusing on making that happen — one of the best cures for boredom is a goal. It might even be time to find your own thing to do — and that will definitely keep you busy!

One last video on this subject, as Dan Pink does such a exceptional job at explaining the truth behind human motivation in the workplace. Great find, only takes a few minutes to watch — and those few minutes are worth it to keep from having to dig bullets out of your walls!

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