Character Bio: ADM Uric Kardon

ADM Kardon, Vice Admiral in the Detarran Empire

Name:  Uric Kardon
Position:  Vice Admiral, Commanding, Detarran War Band Chutosh
Home Planet:  Detarra

Since childhood, Uric Kardon dreamed of sailing the stars, conquering worlds for the glory of the Detarran Empire.  Detarra had perfected the use of hyperdrive technology, developed viable shield capability, and had just started its push into other galaxies.  As a young fleet officer, Uric had ushered colonists to far off worlds, supporting and protecting them during first stage terraforming.  He has navigated the galaxy for 27 cycles, and only feels truly at home among the stars.

When the Detarran Empire decided to embark on the colonization of an occupied world, they turned first to their most experienced Admiral.  Seeing his childhood dream becoming a reality, Admiral Kardon could only accept.  The construction of the Fleet took another 6 cycles to complete, and the Admiral kept pace each step of the way, involved in everything from guild negotiations to personnel assignments.  No detail passed without scrutiny for the first conquering fleet of Detarra.  For Uric Kardon, with no mate and no heirs, history would be the only mark his name would leave behind.

Admiral Kardon chose Ketarra as their first target due to the rich mineral resources and low comparative technology of the inhabitants.  The challenges were largely expected to be technical, and the assault was intended to be a field test of their attack and exploitation methods.  They were not expecting an encounter with a Guard…

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