Monthly Archives: May 2012

Ideaology vs Character

As we enter into the home stretch of the election cycle, a few things are really starting to leap out at me. One such is our increasing willingness to look more at WHAT a candidate stands for than at WHO that candidate is. If anything about politics in the current era — or any era, […]

Have a BBQ on Me for Memorial Day

I’ve been in the service for 18 years. During my service, I’ve been deployed many times, including being sent to war. I used to always think of Memorial Day as a somber occasion — a bitter-sweet holiday, where we celebrate the freedoms that were bought for us by the lives of veterans. We don’t even […]

Monday Music: Sleeping to Dream

My wife, Lisa, is off for the weekend to Boulder, CO with her friend Allison to run the Bolder Boulder. Usually, I’m on site to provide support, but this time I’m at home providing support by watching the kids. Still, we’re separated for a few days and that always makes me think of this song […]

Fight Workplace Boredom!

Because you don’t want this happening in your office! And, for God’s sake, if you’re in management and dealing with a bored worker, don’t fall into that crap about “showing the person their part in the bigger picture.” Workplace boredom has nothing to do with the bigger picture — it’s all about having nothing worthwhile […]

Music Monday: New Years Day Live

A buddy of mine commented on Facebook recently that depsite being of age in the ’80’s, he never really liked U2 all that much. I could empathize. I remember liking Joshua Tree, and some of the older (classic) WAR songs, but didn’t really care for them much more after that. All bands evolve over time, […]

Music Monday: Boy in the Bubble

I am continually amazed at how prophetic Paul Simon was when he wrote this song way back in 1986. I don’t know what he was tapping into, but this song predicts nearly everything from the internet to IED’s. It’s pretty crazy — and, it’s got an awesome sound to boot. So here’s to Paul Simon […]

Character Bio: ADM Uric Kardon

Name:  Uric Kardon Position:  Vice Admiral, Commanding, Detarran War Band Chutosh Home Planet:  Detarra Since childhood, Uric Kardon dreamed of sailing the stars, conquering worlds for the glory of the Detarran Empire.  Detarra had perfected the use of hyperdrive technology, developed viable shield capability, and had just started its push into other galaxies.  As a […]