Character Bio: Margaret Sterling

Name: Margaret Jessica Sterling (“Maga”)
Ht: 5’6” Wt: 120 lbs
Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown
Age: 37
Build: Athletic model
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Marital Status: Married

Margaret Jessica Sterling (nee’ Carter), was born and raised in Carpinteria, CA, a small beach town just south of Santa Barbara. She spent her youth at the beach and working in her parent’s restaurant. She attended college at UC Santa Barbara, graduating with a BA in Literature from the school’s prestigious College of Creative Studies.

She used her gift for language writing marketing papers for various companies, eventually rising in her field to secure positions at prestigious ad agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather, Fleishman Hillard, and MSCO. While working on a program for the NCSU sports teams, she literally ran into Michael Sterling at the NCSU University gym. Realizing there was more to life than work, she cashed out of her job, closed down her apartment in New York, and took to the slow life in the Carolinas.

A confident, sexy, intelligent woman, Margaret gave up her successful career in corporate America to marry MAJ Michael Sterling. Not tied down to any place, though longing to return to California, she wanted to start a family and enjoy the next phase of her life with a man she loved and admired. She was (and remains) very proud of her husband, but didn’t always agree with the service or how it treated him. As is very common with military marriages, she is the emotional counterpoint to her husband. She cries, she yells, she laughs – while he would hold it in, she is the emotional one who lets it out.

She was kept in the dark of most of the happenings at the ASP for security reasons. For the most part she was happy for her husband, as he seemed happy with what was happening at his work, but the constant medical treatments, surgeries, and secrecy began to concern her over time. Michael was changing, and while he was the same man she married, he was quickly becoming something else as well. His new strength caused accidents, his senses became overwhleming and painful to him. SHe tried to be supportive, but was unsure of what she could do to help. Combined with being separated from her friends and family and still adjusting to a non-working lifestyle, the stresses put an undue strain on their relationship. By August of 2007, she was relieved to see him deploy so he could do what he did and she could find some quiet time to adjust to her new life on her own terms. As in love with her husband as much as she had ever been, she was nonethless disappointed that marriage and family wasn’t all she had dreamed it would be.

Margaret was not informed of her husband’s accident, nor his subsequent return to the United States. It was the law firm secretly hired by Steve Callan who told her of her husband’s situation. When she was finally allowed to see him, she was horrified by what had happened. When it became apparent that she was the only person Michael would allow in close proximity, significant legal effort was brought to bear to secure his release into her custody.

Now she stays at home, probably drinks a little more than she should, and tries her best to care for her husband. While she always wanted children, this type of caretaking isn’t her – she perseveres, but is certainly not enjoying herself. Her days now are almost as if she was in prison. She can never leave for fear of what her husband may do. She is equally in fear of what others may risk to take him away from her. Her emotions now are a mix of love, fear, regret, and great sorrow. To fight the depression, she maintains her routine and lives in hope of some type of cure.

She tries everything with Mikey – books, movies, toys, video games. Anything to engage him. Always hopeful that one day he will simply wake up, and her husband will be returned to her.

Dresses very casual – designer sweats (juicy couture, VS Pink, etc), athletic clothes (Athleta, REI, Patagonia, etc), etc. Comfortable, but still feminine and sexy in a way. Has her hair back in a ponytail a lot. She maintains her sanity and stays in shape by running on a treadmill and using a spin bike. She runs a successful blog advocating for PTSD treatment and veterans rights.

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