Character Bio: Tel R’Gande

Name:  Tel R’Gande
Position:  “Warrior” of Sector 74
Home Planet:  K’Hor

As a young military officer of the United K’Horian Army, Tel quickly became bored with the routine of an Army at peace.  The people of K’Hor had been unified for 150 cycles, and the last of  the dissidents had long since given over in light of global prosperity.  Tel was a man of action trapped in a thriving bureaucracy.

Looking for more challenges, he took on the task of walking through “The Arch”.  The Arch was once the doorway to becoming a Guard, but no candidate had been picked from K’Hor in over three generations, and few could remember the last time a Guard had been on planet.  Passing through The Arch had become a spiritual journey on K’Hor.  A way for a man to prove himself beyond any doubt.  Many attempt it each year, so much so that a lottery had been established, and qualifier contests designed to weed out those with anything less than total commitment, run as broadcast sports contests.  Honor is bestowed on families depending on how far the candidate is able to go on their journey.  Tel trained for two years, excelled at each qualifier, and was allowed to find his honor on the mountain.  He was the first in five cycles to actually achieve The Arch.

It was a planetary event when two Guardsmen came to K’Hor to select Tel R’Gande and take him away to the stars.

Candidate R’Gande thrived in his training, taking immediately to the technology and the methods of The Guard.  Upon graduating, he took the position of “Warrior” in Sector 74, seen as a highly challenging duty due to the advent of hyperdrive technology by the Hamar and the continued tectonic instability of Ketarra.

Guard R’Gande has served Sector 74 for twelve cycles and is considered highly skilled and experienced.  He is due to roll out for a year to train recruits, but has one more mission to complete before he goes…

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