Monthly Archives: December 2011

How to Really Pick A Computer Under $500

Oh, Kim, Kim, Kim… Twice in One Week? That’s right, readers, in a recent article in USA Today, “America’s Digital Goddess” totally phones it in… again! For all of those looking to buy a laptop on the cheap, here’s what you should be looking for: Computer Criteria 1. Windows 7. Look, I hate to break […]

Forget Kim Komando, Here’s How You Self Publish in 2012!

OK, I’m going to come clean here — I don’t like Kim Komando and I think her “advice” is truly, truly terrible. When she first started, she was pretty revolutionary and helped a lot of people. Nowadays, though, she is totally phoning it in. So, whenever I read a poor Kim posting, I’m going to […]

Some Really Good Ice Cream

Usually, when I write about food I’m talking about something either my wife or I cooked. Some awesome new recipe, technique, or liquidy concoction. Another reason for me to write about food is how it pertains to health, now that I’m in Middle Age my metabolism can’t absorb an entire large super-supreme pizza so I […]

Introductions to the Extraordinary

I took my three children to see Arthur Christmas this weekend. Before you start, this isn’t a “movie review post”, but, if you’re looking for a great Christmas Movie you would do very well to go and see it. The premise of the movie is that Santa Claus is a generational job, with the mantle […]