Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Best Chicken Salad Ever!

  My beautiful wife, Lisa, just created the most amazing chicken salad ever! As my last food based post, the Chef Shake, proved so popular, I thought I’d make a feature out of our favorite recipes. This recipe is delicious, The Primal Blueprint friendly, and The 4-Hour Body friendly (though, since it has apples, super […]

How to Use Your Blog

Recently, UWS completed a couple of websites for new clients. As always with such things there is a little training involved. Nothing complex, just some basics about how to use Categories and Tags, what widgets do, how the sidebars are set up. Things like that. One of those clients recently posted an article about how […]

Procrastination and Fear

I’ve been suffering from procrastination for a great deal of my adult life. Chances are, you have too. A lot of studies have been done about this, a lot of books and articles written. But few have a real answer. I suspect the truth of it is the reason for procrastination is different for each […]

A Letter Written After the 9-11 Pentagon Attack

I was across the river at the Navy Yard when the Pentagon was hit ten years ago. The attack left the great structure on fire, taking three days to burn itself out. I lived just a little more than a half mile from the Pentagon in those days. Drove past it every day when I […]

The Super-Protein Shake — AKA “The Chef Shake”

I’ve been asked a few times now to provide the recipe for my super-awesome protein shake. Figured I’d just post it to the web and make it freely accessible. The “Chef Shake”, as it’s been called, is a delicious shake made in accordance with the rules of The 4-Hour Body and The Primal Blueprint. It’s […]