Book Review: TERRA

Quick Review this week, as I’ve got some other surprises I’m working on for you guys. Today, I wanted to mix it up a little and give a shout out to a fellow webcomic: TERRA.

TERRA is a sci-fi webcomic written by Holly Laing and Drew Dailey, with Holly also handling the art chores. It updates twice a week, Wednesday and Friday. I’m 67 pages into the 133 pages they have up so far and I’m really enjoying it. The art and story are very well crafted, the site is gorgeous, and they’re very thorough in their approach (just check out their Cast Page).

TERRA is a hard sci-fi adventure drama centering around the human expansion into space and the conflicts that arise from it. As Humanity continues to expand and enforce its dominance, a resistance comprised of several races (mainly the Azatoth). The story is a complex one, rife with personal and political intrigue. It’s good stuff, you should check it out — I’m sure that if you enjoy The Guard, you’ll like TERRA.

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