Monthly Archives: November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all of our readers, we at The Guard wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! As we’ve got a lot of family, turkey, pumpkin pie, and all kinds of other goodness going on, we won’t be updating this week. But, to make it up to you, we’ll do two pages next week! Enjoy the holiday […]

eReaders and the Future of Literature

As I’m a tech guy and digital publishing kind of goes with the territory of making webcomics, I’ve got pretty much every eReading device on the mainstream market — Kindle, 1st Gen nook, Color Nook, iPad, and iPhone. I’m very partial to the nook family and the iPhone. The iPad is pretty darn cool, especially […]

Green Lantern: A Tale of Two Trailers

I saw the little snippet of the GL trailer on EW, but wanted to wait until the full trailer came out before commenting. I’ve got to say, I was pretty disappointed. If you haven’t seen it, just click below and take a second: What didn’t I like about it? Where do I start? Let’s just […]

Book Review: Ocean by Ellis and Sprouse

Big Budget sci-fi movie as a comic book? Damn Skippy! Warren Ellis and Chris Sprouse pull off a masterpiece in their epic “Ocean” and that’s why it’s this week’s pick! Ocean Written by Warren Ellis, Art by Chris Sprouse A “hundred years from today” a research facility in orbit around Europa discovers thousands of coffins […]

What is Fan Fiction?

Been thinking about Fan Fiction lately and wanted to know what you all thought about it. Way back in the day, I wrote a piece of fan-fic, just to try it out. I enjoyed it, but never thought much about it. I guess I didn’t like playing in someone else’s sandbox all that much. Well, […]

For Me, It Was Star Wars

Science fiction, comic books, and sex all have one thing in common:  you always remember your first time. Like many of my generation, the first real exposure to science fiction was Star Wars.  Dating myself, I am old enough to remember when it came out in the theatre.  I remember my father talking to one […]

Welcome to The Guard

Welcome to The Guard! Written and lettered by Rob McClellan (me) and illustrated by Roland Brown, The Guard is a sci-fi webcomic that tackles issues of faith, identity, and determination. The story revolves around The Guard, an intergalactic peace keeping force charged with protecting civilization. Its members come from all of the protected planets and […]