What To Do About Nook?


An alarming article is circulating on the web about B&N and Nook. Here are my thoughts on the matter. And, I’m not just talking about nook — but about kindle and an overall retail strategy for authors. We used to think that moving from retailer to retailer was giving authors “control” of their books. The reality is not quite so simple, and, if we’re not careful, authors will be learning that the hard way.

The Long Skate Back To Health

metal wheel skates

When I retired, I decided to take a little time “off” from working out. My back hurt, my shoulder hurt, and, quite frankly, I was just tired. After 20 years in the military, I figured I had earned my rest. Naturally, a little time turned into a few months which turned into a year. I […]

How To Supercharge Your eNewsletter

TS Supercharge Newsletter Featured Image

“How do I grow my newsletter?” This is an extremely common question among authors. They read about the importance of newsletters on various book marketing blogs or other author websites — I’ve written about it myself. And, by the time they get signed up for a newsletter service (Mail Chimp being the most popular) and […]

Let’s Talk About Gun Control

gun law sign

After San Bernardino, many are talking about our gun laws. And they should be. We had a major incident, and whenever that happens — be it guns or otherwise — we should be looking at our policy and seeing if it’s still effective. For the record, I don’t believe in “gun control” per se. This […]